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Top 10 Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

Most homebuyers have precise requirements regarding location and size and certain features that increase the likelihood of buying a particular home. If you want to sell your home more quickly and for a greater price, one of the most important things you can do is learn which home features buyers like. The top requested features will add value to your home.

Home Features That Buyers are Looking For

Every prospective buyer has a prioritized list of things to be included in a home they want to purchase. Here is a list of the ten most popular home features that potential buyers seek and are prepared to spend more on.

Built-In Storage

Built-in storage is one of the most sought-after improvements by customers, which is maybe not surprising given how popular storage systems are now. Shelves and closet units assist in zoning a property in addition to cleaning up floor space, which is perfect for open-plan areas because purchasers can see clearly how the space may be used. Additionally, these can serve as an additional quirky element, especially if incorporated into alcoves or nooks.

Your residence and living spaces get more storage thanks to built-ins. They allow you to show off your collections—you can showcase pottery, books, artworks, ceramics, and more. Cabinets can be used to store additional blankets, cushions, gadgets, computer games, and extras, while doors can serve as hiding places for goods you don't use frequently.

The built-in thing in your sitting room may also include the fireplace mantel. The mantel offers additional attractiveness and exhibit spaces for your home decor and frequently serves as the room's center point. The built-ins on a well-made mantel can serve as a year-round storage space for your fireplace's items.

A further benefit of selecting built-in furniture over standalone furniture is lighting. You might choose unusual or covert lighting to improve the built-in element and the space. The built-in device can be given mirrors to add depth and light to the space.

Replacement Windows

Image Credits: Pexels

Replacement windows are a desirable feature that may not immediately appear while examining your residence. Adding these insulated and noise-reducing window frames can have a significant impact when selling a home because older windows can turn away potential buyers due to the effort and cost involved.

Replacing your home's window’s is unquestionably a great idea. Adding higher efficiency windows will undeniably improve your home's energy efficiency. This translates into lower energy costs and a cozier living environment for your house.

Additionally, it will go a long way toward ensuring that no chilly exterior air enters through your exterior doors, helping to keep your house draft-free throughout the year. Your home's worth may rise due to newly installed windows, which will boost your living area appeal to potential purchasers.

Separate Shower

Image Credits: Pexels

Buyers frequently seek individual showers and tubs to separate the process from rest as the self-care trend gains momentum. If you don't have much room, choose a separate shower rather than showering over a bathtub, which may be considered outdated, and turn away potential purchasers.

If you wish to draw in prospective buyers, a restroom should be lavish, so don't skimp on the attention-grabbing elements. People adore built-in towel hanging, power showering, whirlpool tubs, and heated floors in their bathrooms. Adding one of these elements can convince somebody to submit a greater offer than originally intended.

The sink is one place that unquestionably needs a touch of luxury. Replace your outdated countertops and add a sizable, deep basin. A restroom feature of granite or stone is fantastic and will likely catch people's attention. Just be sure to maintain it tidy and toothpaste-free before anyone visits.

A Downstairs Bathroom

Image Credits: Pexels

Believe it or not, this is one of the most desired features among prospective purchasers. The most suitable location for it would be under the stairs. However, suppose you are planning to extend your home in the future to sell it. In that case, you can receive extra house-selling points by placing it between the extension and the existing house within an added kitchen area or washer and dryer room.

If you don't have a place to do your washing and don't have a spare room, you can convert your restroom into a utility room so that you have a place to wash and dry your clothing. This is known as the washing room or laundry. Since it adds beauty to the house, the restroom additions, purchasing them when you have the financial means is always a wise investment.

The inclusion of a bathroom addition can add significant value to your home and enhance its appeal to potential purchasers. Even if you have no plans to sell your home shortly, adding a bathroom on the first floor of your home is a smart move for families with children.


Image Credits: Pexels

Perhaps surprisingly, a basic, well-kept landscaped lawn is one of the things that purchasers desire in a home. Maintaining the landscaping in this state allows purchasers to envision how they might design or use the area, even if it may not have been on their list of wants. Furthermore, buyers are free from the cost of maintenance or clearance of occupied plants.

A quality garage shed, or other structures can significantly increase the value of your house because purchasers place a lot of importance on storage.

Their additional square footage allows conservatory and patio rooms to increase property value significantly.

Separate Living Area

Image Credits: Pexels

The allure of enormous open houses is beginning to fade, especially as time passes. We may all be spending more time at home this year, which could explain why buyers are gravitating toward homes with separate living areas that can offer them peace. The perfect spot for a home office is in the basement, which makes even a little spare bedroom capable of making a significant contribution.

Because buyers are spending more time in the living room than ever, real estate agents provide living room modifications that will raise the resale value of your living area.

Security System

Image Credits: Pexels

One of the items home buyers seek is a functioning safety feature. These are worthwhile additions, whether a smart doorknob, security cameras, or an alarm. Since these security features are so widespread, installing a smart system is easy and inexpensive, with added benefits from potential buyers.

Many purchasers are searching for properties with security devices already placed as the demand for security equipment rises. A house security system can therefore enhance the number of deals you obtain (as well as the money given), just as introducing a swimming pool, creating a deck, or renovating your kitchen can.

All buyers need to do now is get in touch with a security firm because the equipment has already been bought and installed at a cost to you. Many clients are willing to shell out more for this ease since it saves them both money and time.

Paved Patio

Image Credits: Pexels

Buyers want more than just a roofing system and walls when they purchase a new house, adding extra features like a paver patio can help improve the value of your property. Many homebuyers opt for properties that have balconies or patios.

Buyers are simply interested in everything. They are seeking a green lawn, but in addition to that, they want cemented patio sections that they can use for outdoor meals and home exercises. Even a teeny-tiny space can appeal to customers since it gives them a location where they can expand if they so desire.

Outdoor Lighting

Image Credits: Pexels

The installation of lighting systems is another feature that might not be on everyone's checklist but is undeniably advantageous and earns additional points. In recent years, many of us have spent even more time in the outdoor sections of our homes; thus, buyers adore it when these locations feature anything extra-special. Outside lights, whether solar-powered or supplied by the mains and connected to the house or in the garden, are an asset when trying to sell a home.

Your home's curb appeal can be improved by having professional exterior lighting installed. This will make your home appear more inviting to potential buyers. You can put lighting within the trees or high up on your home that brings soft shadows, allowing paths walking up to your door to be noticeable while also giving yours outside a magnificent look. One option is to put lights in the trees. Another option is to put lights on your building.

Underfloor Heating

Image Credits: Pexels

Underfloor heating is a terrific selling point for your property, particularly in cooler areas where it is more commonly wanted. Nothing quite like getting out of bed or the bathtub during the cold months and experiencing warm flooring under your feet. The ability to offer this to consumers is always a winning proposition.

Your home can be heated more effectively with underfloor heating since it uses the entire floor surface as a heat emitter. This makes rooms appear nicer and frees up wall space, allowing for unlimited furniture arrangement and making it possible to preserve wall space. This increased versatility appeals to potential purchasers, which helps to add to your house's value.


When you put your house up for sale, the goal should be to acquire the highest possible price while minimizing the time your property is on the market for potential buyers. Over the last decade, open floor designs, upgraded roofing, spacious garages, and other amenities have been tried-and-true methods for attracting the attention of prospective buyers and securing excellent offers. On the other hand, the tides are turning, and purchasers' must-have lists are beginning to take on a little different appearance these days.

Don’t be discouraged—we know there is a lot to consider. That’s why our team at JS REALTOR® Team is so committed to serving our clients. We want to make your experience one that preserves the excitement but sheds the anxiety. We provide clear guidance and advice to help you make the right decisions. Request your Free Download here FREE Sellers Guide and connect with us today! Let’s get ready to sell your home. Text/Call Jeff at 614.721.0450 or email Offices in Columbus & Mansfield to serve Mid-Ohio.

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