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Top 5 Things to Increase Curb Appeal

A buyer's immediate thoughts about the property are essential, even in the current low inventory market. The overall exterior appearance of a property, or its curb appeal, may significantly affect the asking price a purchaser is prepared to spend for it. Sellers only have one opportunity to make a powerful impression with great curb appeal.

The initial view has a significant influence on potential buyers’ attitude as they visit your house and can affect what they think your property is valued. Even minor flaws in a facility's façade might deter potential buyers. Buyers may be apprehensive as to how properly you've kept the condition of your property if your front door has chipped or dull paint, and any other visible aging.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Creating great curb appeal is a clever marketing strategy that goes beyond how homes appear. Exterior attractiveness creates anticipation. It is what drives people to desire to go inside and check it out.

Curb appeal is a crucial component that earns interest in a property. The value of curb appeal wasn't so much dependent on the amount of money invested in the home. The fact is, you can spend a lot of money renovating things, but ultimately, what we need to accomplish is make things that are alluring and attractive and will cause others to regard the home as having immense promise and beauty.

You desire your house to impress people when they first see it. At the very least, it shouldn't turn away most customers. In contrast, the home's exterior appeal ought to encourage consumers to request more information.

Here are our top 5 strategies to improve the curb appeal of any house so that it sells for top value.

1. Refresh the landscape

A San Francisco-based property investment referral firm say that houses with good landscaping sell for anywhere between 1-10% more so than homes without good landscaping.

When potential buyers approach your house, you want the landscape to be neat and well-kept.

Professional landscaping may be expensive, with the typical cost running from $8,000 to over $15,000 for enhancements, including green growth, a deck, and a rear pathway. You can do most of this yourself for a fraction of the costs. Most nurseries are great at helping you pick out a few new plants or some items to enhance the appeal. Also consider adding window boxes, suspended planters, or pots filled with perennial flowers such as petunias. Put them inside, and you will have an immediate splash of color. You also can throw down a piece of new compost to offer your landscape a sharp and smooth surface.

Don't overlook the fundamentals, which include mowing the grass, trimming shrubs and trees, and getting rid of pests and dead limbs. Maintain your yard by cutting the grass short, raking trash, and picking weeds on a regular basis. Water it often to avoid brown stains.

2. Replace or paint your entrance door & add some decor

The front door, which serves as your living area's primary entry, is a desirable repair before putting your house up for sale—searching for the perfect color? Although 2018 Zillow research reveals that some properties benefit from having a brightly colored front doors.

Furthermore, decorating a front door is a relatively simple DIY job. Tools and supplies like a two-in-one color and priming bucket, paint roller, dropping cloth, or sanding only cost around $75, but there are plenty of YouTube tutorials with phase instructions.

However, there is one exclusion. Getting a new entrance door could be advisable if your current one has warping, painting cracks, corrosion, or scratches. Front doors typically charge $1,000, and according to HomeAdvisor statistics, the expert installation runs around $1,091.

Wreaths aren't just for the holidays. Wreaths are readily available year-round and significantly enhance the appearance of the front entrance. Find wreaths with conserved or dried greenery and flowers, or, for more convenience, get one with fake flowers. A wreath might look odd or dated if certain seasonal features are included. Choose something straightforward that will offer elegance for the duration of the season.

Moreover, a place may be given some vitality by plants, which also gives the impression that it has been well-used and maintained. Finally, when planted in groups at either end of the entrance, plantings or perennials with varying heights may make great curb appeal.

3. Clean up and bring on the lights

Every day you come into your drive, you might not see it, but many purchasers will. If your drive has skid marks and oil stains upon that, you can usually get rid of them by pressure washing it.

Try using a skilled cleaning service to get rid of stains, filth, and dust, as windows are frequently a central focus for potential buyers. As per HomeAdvisor, window washing has an estimated cost of around $213, while lesser tasks start at about $80-$100. In addition, numerous cleaning businesses offer both inside and outside cleaning services. Washing the windows would also assist bring direct sunlight into your house.

Gloomy entrances don't exactly exude warmth. Swap it out for something more exciting and modern when your front entrance currently has a chandelier or dangling pendant. Quickly make the area look nicer and cheerier, clear away all spider webs and other debris from the area surrounding outdoor light fittings. If you require more lighting, put some doorway lights, or illuminate a walkway with solar-powered lamps. Don't depend on a central post bulb or a spotlight placed in your garage; add multiple lights to have maximum illumination.

Consider a beautiful tree, the veranda, or a well-kept row of bushes. If you want to give your lighting design more depth, use the limelight as well as a "bullet" lamp toward the treetops.

Alternatively, you can try moonlighting. It is the reverse of uplighting. Towards a gentle, natural illumination, Place fittings in treetops, so they glow brightly on the walkway and grass.

4. Upgrade the small details

Replace an old mailbox with a much more modern one. It's a straightforward job to undertake and may improve your house's curb appeal subtly yet noticeably. Plan on paying between $50 to $200 to change it, depending on the kind of box you want (a freestanding mailbox or ones affixed to the walls, for example).

Secondly, by getting rid of your outdated house symbols and substituting them with ones that have a little more energy, you can quickly update the appearance of your property. Finally, select a typeface that complements the style of your house's architecture while yet being unusual enough to catch people's attention. Even when you're not very handy, altering the numerals is a simple task that can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Finally, the appearance of your home might be cluttered by having too much patio furniture. A healthy balance should be struck in the center, and most of your outdoor furniture should be spotless and in working order. Any patio furniture that is outdated or requires repair ought to be thrown aside. Try giving front porch seats or outdoor furniture a fast coating of paint to give it a new look.

5. Use plants.

Adding some new greenery or flowers is among the easiest (and most effective) ways to improve curb appeal. When you don’t want to spend big bucks to create a new yard; placing some pots and hanging baskets will still have the identical impact. Install a dangling one when you may not have enough space for a freestanding planter. Utilize plants to draw attention to and surround essential visual elements, such as doorways and stairways. The front of your property may be considerably improved with just one attractive plant display.

However, if you have the budget for a garden upgrade, try mulching. In addition to adding color and variety to beds, mulching maintains the soil wet and aids in weed control. Choose colored mulch to add a bright look to the landscaping. Spread 2 inches of new mulch over your beds for the best look.

Balancing the flower beds is essential. The most beautiful gardens are layered with beauty. Find a variety of perennial and evergreen plants with different elevations and patterns, if possible. Organize them from tallest to shortest in reverse order. Think of flowers with a dramatic effect, long-lasting flowers, or fascinating leaves.


You can tell when a home has good curb appeal, and you can also tell when it doesn't. To generate excellent curb appeal, one wouldn't need a significant expenditure; just some creativity at hand will do the job.

Don’t be discouraged—we know there is a lot to consider. That’s why our team at JS REALTOR® Team is so committed to serving our clients. We want to make your experience one that preserves the excitement but sheds the anxiety. We provide clear guidance and advice to help you make the right decisions. Request your Free Selling Download here FREE planning kit and connect with us today! Let’s get ready to sell your home. Text/Call Jeff at 614.721.0450 or email Offices in Columbus & Mansfield to serve Central Ohio


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