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What Are Today’s Buyers Looking for in a Home?

What are buyers looking for in a home? It’s an important question to consider when renovating a home.

The pandemic era has led to a boom in renovations. Whether it was because people were bored while staying home or their homes really needed it, the hardware stores were busy. Renovating is indeed the most enjoyable part of house ownership, but it also is costly. Home renovation can undoubtedly increase a home's worth if done right.

Not sure about what to avoid and incorporate into your home? This article will answer all your questions as we have jotted down all the relevant information to make you leverage your property's value or appeal.

Open Concept Floor Plans

In the early 1990s, most houses featured jagged, fragmented floor designs. But the ideal floor design for today's house buyers is one that effortlessly connects each area to the next. As a result, many buyers are choosing to build their own home instead of buying an existing one because older homes typically don't offer open concept floor layouts.

A benefit of an open concept floor design is that it enables a homeowner to converse with visitors regardless of being in another room which is not possible in a home with separate rooms. Notably, parents having young children favor open concept floor plans because they enable them to keep an eye on their children..

Updated Kitchen:

Updated kitchens are regarded as the most crucial feature according to 81% of people in the survey carried out by Metropolitan Regional Systems Information Inc recently on house buying decisions.

Some buyers might not even consider it as an option if the house has old rusty cabinets, counters, or flooring. The project can be very costly if you are not careful. Get some design help before proceeding can help control cost while still looking appealing. First, research the trends, look for inspirations, see what comes in your budget, keep them in your mind and begin upgrading.

Simple kitchen renovations can speed up the sale of a house. Some of the inexpensive kitchen renovations include:

● Consider painting the kitchen.

● Re-stain kitchen cabinets to make them look clean and fresh as new.

● Install new bright lights in the area.

● Fix the plumbing issues

Also, new buyers now look for Eat-in kitchens as per the survey by NAHB. It means having a small area to sit and eat in the kitchen. Hence, incorporating a small table with 2-4 chairs would do. They appeal mainly to families with young children. It serves as a location for conducting homework and other activities besides dining.

Walk-in pantry:

A walk-in pantry is one feature buyers covet, as per the NAHB's report. Incorporating a walk-in pantry in your home may be cheap or expensive. It varies as per the details or size; also, one must keep in mind a home's overall style and design. For instance, luxury homes may need a little fancy with the latest storage and large pantries to meet the owners' needs. But luxury walk-in pantries would cost a lot and vice versa.

A walk-in pantry is desirable to 83 percent of today's buyers, making the expenditure justified. Primarily for families with young children, as they are aware of how rapidly the kitchen becomes cluttered if there isn't enough room to store basic items like cereals and canned foods.

Upgraded Bathroom:

Like the kitchen, updating a bathroom can cost you a lot, but it is one on the list of most desired home features today.

To make your bathroom appealing while staying on budget, you can paint the area with inviting, bright colors. Also, ensure that they are clean because a dirty bathroom can scare away your potential home buyer very easily.

To upgrade your bathroom at a low cost, you can consider the following:

● Add new vanity

● Fix plumbing issues

● Replace old with new bathtub or shower

● Clean and keep your cabinets and closets organized.

You can also make a closet inside the bathroom if you have space that would make it more appealing. However, do not lose sight of the latest bathroom trends when updating your bathroom.

Home Technologies

Modern homebuyers, particularly millennial homebuyers, are quite a technology influence. Adding advanced technology to your home will increase its value. A house can be equipped with a wide variety of highly sophisticated things which can add the "WOW" element in a home that can be raised with the aid of home technologies. For instance, you can look up:

● Programmable thermostats which one can control through his tablet, smartphone, or any other handy gadget.

● You can set up a home speaker system in the house for partying or watching a movie in a cinema environment.

● Keyless locks, accessible via Bluetooth or thumbprints to ensure security.

Laundry Room

Homeowners usually think that when the time comes to sell a property, the location of the laundry room is irrelevant, which is not the case. How quickly a property sells and how desirable a home is can both be significantly impacted by the location of the laundry room. You may not find separate laundry rooms in all the houses, but if they have, they are more valued. The three most frequent areas where you may find a laundry space are the basement, the main floor, or the second story.

However, modern home buyers prefer that the laundry room must be situated on the main floor of the house. For senior house purchasers or those who might have difficulties climbing stairs, having first-floor laundry is a feature that is highly valued.

Outdoor Space

The exterior features of a property are essential and are in demand by home buyers. It may be costly for sellers if they overlook the property's exterior. The exterior requires equal attention to the interior; keep that in mind. Ensure that the outdoor space of the home is not overlooked when arranging a home to sell more quickly. Doing so will make your home more appealing to the buyers and help you make a great deal of money.

Attached patios, decks, and gated yards are some of the most preferred house features among today's homebuyers. In addition to that, homeowners should also pay attention to the following outside areas:

● Landscaping

● Pools

● Gardens

● Hardscaping

● Outdoor Kitchens

Furnace & Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning and furnace system are the most crucial components of a home. If any house lacks central air conditioning, many prospective buyers won't even consider it. So, it would be beneficial if you consider installing it. However, in case radiant or baseboard HVAC systems restrict you from the installation of central air conditioning, you can opt for installing a central air conditioner, if possible. This smart move might enhance the number of potential house buyers who could be interested in the property.

Efficient furnace and air conditioning are what modern home purchasers are seeking. The main justification is the substantial monthly cost savings that these house upgrades can provide a buyer. Other reasons making this home feature important include:

● Better For the Environment

● Produces less noise pollution

● Longer average life span

● Health and life quality improvements

Ceiling Fans

You would not hear many of your friends extolling the virtues of ceiling fans. But this house element should not be disregarded because 83% of individuals selected it over hundreds of other options. In addition, due to global warming, climates are now changing in different areas of the world, and many people might at times need fans because of the unpredictable weather conditions.

Installing ceiling fans in a home is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your home as it could significantly increase your house's perceived worth if we consider the current global warming. When adding fans, you can install a fan-deliver to improve the appearance of ceiling fans and give your room much more air. These lighting fixtures have a chandelier-like appearance and a ceiling fan-like feature. They're becoming increasingly popular, and they might be the selling point that gets you the best price when you sell your house.

Energy Efficient Windows

The effectiveness and quality of windows are common issues for home buyers. The most frequent problem discovered during a house inspection is poorly conditioned windows that are not functional. You should consider replacing the windows in a home. It will let you make enough money, covering the cost of new windows very easily.

Energy efficient windows will cause today's buyers to spend more money.. This matter is even more crucial than furnace or air conditioner efficiency.


Knowing what aspects modern house buyers value is one of the finest ways through which you can appeal to them with your property. A home with the features mentioned above may let buyers have what they have been seeking while making the owners sell their property more quickly. Checking in the list of sufficient features will enable the owner to make a win-win deal with the buyer, earning more money than an ordinary old house.

Don’t be discouraged—we know there is a lot to consider. That’s why our team at JS REALTOR® Team is so committed to serving our clients. We want to make your experience one that preserves the excitement but sheds the anxiety. We provide clear guidance and advice to help you make the right decisions. Request your Free Selling Download here FREE planning kit and connect with us today! Let’s get ready to sell your home. Text/Call Jeff at 614.721.0450 or email Offices in Columbus & Mansfield to serve Central Ohio

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