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Selling: Selling

Ready to Sell Your Home:
Maximize Your Equity without Stress

Selling a home in any type of market can bring on a lot of stress. It can feel overwhelming with all the decisions that are needed. All you want is a trusted guide to help you through the process and avoid making poor choices…right?


What needs done prior to listing? What is the current market? What improvement can we do to increase value? Will it even make a difference? What about our curb appeal? Are we competitive in the market?


We love to help sellers avoid the mistakes that will cost them time and money. Our team is skilled with design help, stagging suggestions, and if something is worth improving. There’s no pressure to make quick decisions. We’ll navigate the process together to best determine what will meet your goals. We understand trust and honesty needs to be above all. Let’s start working together today!

Our 4 Step Process for Successful Home Sale

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Create the Plan

It all starts with your goals. We'll listen to your needs and evaluate the current market conditions. Together we will determine any needed upgrades to your home to best position if for sale. Free design/staging consulting is available.

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Seal the Deal

Now it's time to receive offers and manage emotions to avoid closing the wrong one. The JS Team will aid in clearly evaluating the contracts submitted. We will explain the details of each offer so you will avoid missing a hidden detail. No two contracts are alike.

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Start Marketing

Now is the time to gather all the information, take photos, Drone Shots, 3D virtual tour, and create/implement the JS Marketing Strategy. The Selling Strategy will be designed to exceed your goals and eliminate your stress of selling your home.

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Complete the Transaction

We are feeling great about the offer you chose but, there's more. Our goal now is to eliminate your stress and complete the sale. The JS Team will align all the bankers, closing agents, buyers, and other key people to avoid errors and get your money, Now is the time to celebrate!

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